Myrrh Gum 1 oz Bag (Commiphora molmol)

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  • Myrrh Gum 1 oz Bag (Commiphora molmol)


1 oz of Myrrh Gum in a plastic zip bag.  It is wild crafted, certified Kosher and irradiation free. 

Latin Name: Commiphora molmol 
Common Names: Myrrh Gum

Magical attributes: Protection, healing and Spirituality. It has aso been used in exorcisms and in ancient Egypt it was burned to honor the God Ra and Goddess Isis.

Myrrh is also used in most insence and burned with other herbs to create pleasant aromas.

Natural herbs are ever abundant in today's medicinal world. This is evident through the increasing interest in Myrrh Gum, or Commiphora molmol.

Ingredients: Contains up to 2% Silicon Dioxide as an Anti Caking Agent.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy.



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